by Extra Lungs

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Guitars, bass & drums recorded on 6/3/2012 at the überfonia practise room, Warsaw by grzesiek aka mad greg. Vocals recorded by mad greg in 2014. Mixed and mastered by Smok & Activator at AsOne Studios Warsaw in 2014.
Cover design by Kamil


released September 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Extra Lungs Warsaw, Poland

This Warsaw/Dresden three piece started as a fusion of two musical beings - a project initiatined in 2010 by musicians who played in Daymares (bass), Knife In The Leg (guitar) and The Fight (drums), and now defunct A Birthday Party Band (drums, guitar and vocals). Extra Lungs came into being to utilize inspirations reaching far beyond the music they played with their other bands. ... more

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Track Name: Gross National Product
I was swollen all over
So I went to a doctor
He said: you must be proud
Of the growth of
The Gross National Product

Gross National Product
Per capita
Makes me swell

God save the GNP
Make it swell like you and me

Tide is lifting swollen cadavers
And boats filled with
Gross National Product

I was swollen all over
So I went to a doctor
He said: you must be proud
Of the growth of
The gross National Product
Track Name: Family Tree
Going down your family tree
The only thing I learn about you is
That death is in your genes
Death is in your genes

You have done your best to conceal
Your problematic genealogy
But i can see through this
I can see through this

Yes, you've got your father's eyes

Far away in distant lands
Blood is washed off fairy tales

It's a stratagem
Track Name: Steep stairs
Steep stairs leading nowhere
Steady step ever forward

Come my child I will play you
a tune you'll always remember

Stop only when I tell you
Go only when i say so

You lack the words you could use to
express what you have but and inkling of

Steady step ever forward...
Track Name: I Mistook A Cop For A Tree
I mistook a cop for a tree,
it was dark and I had to pee.
He said I'll let you walk away,
only if you do it again.

He kissed me on the cheek and said:
god bless the fatherland.

My guardian angel has a low self esteem.
He's got a big baton and that's all he needs.
Track Name: Shadows
Are you serving a life sentence on this earth?
If you are, please keep your teachings to yourself.
What can you teach me from the things you can do well,
apart from denying yourself?

Did you come here
to applaud to everything
that's your equal in mediocrity?
So clap your hands to a funeral march.

Fourty years like fourty nights.
To cast a shadow you need no light.
You're a shadow yourself.